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Minimum Days 8:20-11:59

Office Hours M-F 7:30-4:00


School Accountability Report Card  (SARC)

School Accountability Report Cards are intended to provide the public with important information about each public school and to communicate a school's progress in achieving its goals.  The information provided is primarily from the 2013-14 school year.

The SARCs are available in both English and Spanish.  AUSD's SARC have been posted on the district website.  The posting of the SARCs meets all state requirements for timeline and content.  The SARC link is located on the district website at: http://www.antioch.k12.ca.us/ 

under "Quick Links."   If you do not have Internet access, please check in your school's office and they will provide you with a copy.


Informe del Cumplimiento Responsable de Funciones por parte de la Escuela / School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

Los informes del Cumplimiento Responsable de Funciones por parte del la Escuela (en inglés School Accountability Report Card) (SARC) tienen como objetivo brindarle al público información importante acerca del  desempeño de cada plantel público y de comunicar el alcance de las metas de cada escuela.  La información que le brindamos aquí es primordialmente para el ano escolar 2013-14.

Estos informes sobre SARC están en inglés y han sido traducidos al español.  Los informes SARC han sido publicados en la página de internet del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Antioch.  La información publicada cumple con todos los requisitos exigidos por el estado y con los plazos dados por este.  Vaya a la página:  http://antioch.k12.ca.us/ bajo "Quick Links" encontrará el enlace para llegar a los reportes SARC.  Si usted no tiene Internet, en la escuela correspondiente le darán una copia.

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Attention Parents and Students,

If any links are not working properly, a feature on your login page is not working, or you are unable to get to your teacher's page, please send an email to maxbridges@antioch.k12.ca.us and we will work to get it corrected.

Thank you for your patience.

At DRMS.........We catch AIR!

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2015/16 Registration

All students must Register for the new school year. New enrollments cannot be accommodated on these dates.  A parent/guardian must attend with the student to complete all necessary emergency and AUSD paperwork.  It does not matter which day you attend, you may choose the day that is most convenient for you. Please allow ample time for the Registration process and bring your patience.  There is no need to arrive prior to the starting time as this may only add to your waiting time in line.

Thursday, July 30th 10:00am – 4:00pm

Tuesday, August 4th 11:00am – 4:00pm

Thursday, August 6th 1:00pm – 6:00pm

Optional items available for purchase at Registration:                                 

                                                                                      PE Shirt     $10.00

                                                           PE Short    $10.00

                                                        Planner      $  5.00

                                                        Yearbook  $40.00 ( lower price at Registration only)


          -Cash payment will be greatly appreciated-


DRMS is requesting a donation for Electives, Exploratory and Enrichment classes to cover the cost of supplies for the entire school year.  Classes may include, but are not limited to, Spanish, Music, Leadership, Yearbook, Art, Home Arts/Cooking, Intervention classes and Basic Enrichment. Of course, all donations are welcome to help support DRMS.


All 7th grade students require a current T-DAP (whooping cough) booster vaccine (Not the Dtap). You may not Register your student if proof has not been provided.  Please provide proof of vaccination to the DRMS Registrar prior to Registration.


Outstanding textbooks, library fines and Student Body fees:  Please make sure that all outstanding/unpaid fees and fines are paid prior to Registration to avoid unnecessary delays.

8th Grade Celebration Pictures - Order info below


Parent/Student Survey

Hello Dallas Ranch Middle School Parents & Students,

We are always interested in feedback from our parents and students. Please help us by answering the following questions. Your questions will remain completely confidential. Any answer you give will be combined with those of others and never identified as yours. 

Results and comments from this survey will be used to steer discussions regarding professional development and the potential creation of programs that will be implemented to benefit school culture and climate at Dallas Ranch.

Thank you for your participation!


Ed Dacus


Parent Survey

Parent Survey (Spanish)

Student Survey

Student Survey (Spanish)

Enterovirus D68 Health Warning

Heard of Common Core? Want to know more?

Check out these links for more information.




Stay Healthy

The Antioch Unified School District wants you to protect yourself and your family against all flu viruses. Here are some ways to stop the spread of germs and sickness and take care of your family. Click for more information.

DRMS Bully Box

Our school counselor, Alexandra Allen, is presenting information to the 6th grade students at DRMS about bullying.  Help create a bully-free environment on our campus by reporting any incident that may involve bullying.  Read the link on "Bullying Tips" to help prevent or avoid being bullied.

Click here  to complete a form. 

Bullying Tips form, click here .

Ways to Contribute to Dallas Ranch Middle School

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Donors Choose

Make a donation based on the needs of a teacher.  Visit the DonorsChoose website and search for needs of DRMS teachers.  You can provide a small or large donation toward the item needed.


DRMS Uniform Policy

Dallas Ranch will require all students to wear a uniform during the 2014-2015 school year.   Detailed information regarding the uniforms can be found by clicking on the links below.

Acceptable uniform clothing and colors

FAQ's (Frequently asked questions about what is acceptable)

Dress Code Enforcement/Consequence


2015-16 School Site Academic Plan

Dallas Ranch MS Draft Site Plan 2015-2016
This plan is pending Board approval at a future date.

Ed Dacus


Paula McEvoy

Kai Montgomery 

Liah Jones-Douglas

Vice Principals

Leslie Scudero, Administrative Assistant


925-779-7486 Fax

DRMS Mission

DallasRanch Middle School Mission:

Dallas Ranch will be a school of excellence, strongly connected in the community where students achieve their full potential academically. We will focus on students’ positive character development so students are prepared for success in high school, college, and careers. We want students to make positive contributions in the community.